Mission Maven Strategy Consulting

mission driven marketing

Is your mission just not breaking through the noise?

Are you a struggling digital health company with a strong mission but can’t seem to get people to care?

Wondering why people don't understand that what you do saves and changes lives?

Tired of hustling and working SO hard to get your mission out to the world but feeling like no one is listening?

That ends now.

Instead, what if you could...


The people who need you, who are inspired by you and your lifesaving technology, and who rely on you (even if they don't know about you yet!) to change or save their lives.

Put an end to the continuous Content Hamster Wheel

The hamster wheel that leaves you feeling underwater and wondering why you're producing all this meaningless content. 


Unlock the power of your existing content and achieve hockey stick user acquisition

Discover the secret to reviving dead content sitting on your website (the stuff you may have paid tens of thousands of dollars to produce that's now sitting in a content graveyard...your blog).

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The Process

Session 1: Avatar Modeling

Discover the secret to driving your ideal clients to your virtual door, and more importantly, knowing exactly who they are. Too many people focus on just telling the world why their tech is amazing, and then they wonder why no one is listening. In this powerful session, you'll discover exactly how to communicate your message and exactly who is just waiting to hear it.

  • Learn who needs to hear your message the most

  • Know exactly how to speak to this person

  • Keep your brand’s voice and tone consistent across your entire team of writers

Session 2: Content Tree

The key to mass market user adoption is staying on message. But is this possible with the constant demand to push out new information every day? First, discover why pushing out irrelevant or too much content is a brand killer, not a brand savior and why it's led to so many people thinking content just doesn't work. Then, learn the key to self-perpetuating content that inspires purchasing behavior.

  • Uncover the secret to creating viral content that aligns with your mission and more importantly drives your ideal client directly to your door

  • Discover the secret strategy that creates self-multiplying and engaging content

  • Put an end to publishing content no one wants to read

Session 3: Distribution Path

Stop pushing value into the content graveyard. Discover the secret to less content with more targeted results...and how you can get those results for years to come. 

  • Get your message out to the right people at the right time and the right place

  • Discover exactly which tools can amplify your message (while you sleep!)

  • Unlock the power of your existing content and finally see ROI from all of your hard work

  • Create an asset out of your content - now content creation is like putting money in the bank instead of an ongoing expense

health tech marketing

Unleash the potential of your mission

It's time to re-imagine your path to mass adoption, to drive your health technology directly in front of the people who absolutely need you. You owe it to them to help them discover your life-changing, lifesaving products.

Are you ready to break through the noise?