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#12: How To Leverage The Power Of The Crowd In Health Tech with Mona Jhaveri

Discover how to leverage the power of the crowd to raise capital and market your health tech startup. Mona Jhaveri joins me on Mission Marketing to share her story and how she is using crowdfunding to fight cancer.

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#11: How To Build Your Megaphone Before You Launch with Jani Tuomi

Jani Tuomi joins me to talk about how he used influencer marketing to build his startup's megaphone before they launched their first product. Learn from his experience how to create your own audience by building relationships with influencers.

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#9: Why Print Marketing Isn't Dead with Gina Daschbach.

Gina Daschbach takes an untraditional approach to marketing. Marketing that isn’t digital is now considered unconventional. And that’s what she’s going for. If you want to stand out, you need to avoid the status quo. You can do this by leveraging print marketing.

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