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Hang around Waleed Nasir for any length of time and you’ll realize that his creativity in technology is changing marketing for the better.

As head of Venture Innovation Lab, he innovates tech solutions for health IT, AI, and shared economy models (such as Uber and AirBnB). He’s also heavily involved in marketing technology as well.

His experience in marketing tech involves creating highly interactive user experiences. Many of his marketing solutions inspire imagination, resulting in greater brand awareness.


How he creates memorable user experiences

In one instance, Waleed worked with a retail brand commonly used by mothers (and by extension, their families). The brand knew that to influence the masses they needed to reach moms. So Waleed crafted a one day marketing experience that targeted moms in a sentimental way.

To do this, his team set up kiosks throughout shopping areas. This photo booth-type experience walked family members through an application where they interacted with the brand. At the end, it asked if they wanted to create a video for their mom expressing love and appreciation.

This message would then be sent either by phone or social media, extending the reach of the brand while also reaching moms. Experiences like this are the type of remarkable moments that Waleed creates. By creating memorable moments and peak experiences, audiences can’t help but pay attention.

It’s easy to see how innovative tech can influence B2C markets. But how do these endeavors work for B2B facing businesses?

How to implement creative strategies for your market

In B2C, digital interaction is extremely crucial for market development. A helpful strategy is to implement tech solutions that collect customer feedback at certain points during their interaction with your product.

B2B sales, however, depends on who the end customer is. In health IT it could be a health system, clinicians, or patients that determine the purchase. These situations require different approaches than B2C, but with the right strategy, you can leverage creative content distribution that gets more eyeballs.

How to know if you need a custom strategy

Waleed recommends that companies initially start with off the shelf strategies because you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel. However, if in using these traditional designs, you perpetually run into problems that negatively impact business, it may be time to look into a custom approach.

Sound overwhelming? Waleed said that in this tech age, custom solutions are relatively easy to create and implement.

An instance where a brand needed a custom solution was a group that puts on worldwide events showcasing liquor. To help buyers interact with the product, this brand really needed an app. Obviously, this app required custom design since it was for such a large scale event and reached so many people.

How can people think differently to create new solutions

Innovating new solutions means thinking about the situation from a different angle. Waleed recommends that you start by fully assessing the problem.

Once you understand the problem, then start asking this question: what areas could benefit from automation or tech interventions?

Get into your customer’s brain. What frustrations or hindrances do they face in interacting with your product? The end goal is to make personalized interactions meaningful to drive sales forward. So you really need to make these connections seamless and (as much as possible) enjoyable.

New health tech companies and innovative marketing

Startups need lean, agile methods to leverage potential markets quickly. In addition, new health companies often are under government regulations which may put needed limitations on their messaging.

Early on, you need to validate your hypothesis. The sooner you can leverage content to corroborate your tech solution the better.

Connect this messaging to potential buyers by really knowing who you’re talking to. Then pinpoint your messaging to that audience in ways that helps them solve the problems that matter the most to them.

Actionable tip

Never undermine the power of digital. If done right, it can do wonders for your company. However, not everyone needs custom solutions. So you need to keep looking for the ways that work for you and your brand.

Start by asking yourself this question: what tech tools can help me achieve scale? And then, do I need to implement more tools to simplify my messaging and outreach?

Above all, Waleed wants you to know that creative marketing empowered by technology has no bounds.

Must-read book

Waleed is a science fiction fan. As such, the book he recommends is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (otherwise known as Blade Runner). He finds books like these fascinating because a lot of science fiction written in the 1960s is actually coming true. In reading these types of books, he’s fully aware that they could be predicting the future pretty accurately.

As far as business betterment reading, he recommends The Market Driven Organization. This book will help you stay close to your customer so you can better reach them with the solutions they need.

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