Proven Strategies You Need


Fresh Methods To Get Your Message Out

Looking for a speaker who can motivate action with strategies that work?

Delivering the proven techniques and transformative marketing ideas that can only come from real-world, hands-on experience, Whitney Cole empowers participants to drive their message through the noise to mass adoption.

Break Through The Noise

Discover how to drive customers to your virtual door with this 30 to 60 minute keynote.


Do your members or channel partners feel like their message is falling on deaf ears? Are they on a hamster wheel of content creation that just isn't working? Their technology is incredible and life changing, but no matter what they do, they can't seem to get people to listen? They give up and turn to expensive strategies that get short-term results but the second they stop spending money, user acquisition collapses? In this game-changing keynote, participants will leave knowing exactly what they were doing wrong and exactly how to turn it all around.


Drawing on her experience growing her own business as well as working with clients across health tech, Whitney reveals her tested Mission Revival blueprint. This is her personal system, proven to drive health tech companies beyond the noise to mass adoption. Attendees will leave this session feeling inspired and ready to get their message out - and more importantly, they'll have the strategies they need to do just that.

1. Customer Avatar Modeling

Participants will discover exactly how to find their ideal customer, and, more importantly, how to turn them into raving fans.

2. Content mapping

Once they know their ideal customer, participants will uncover the secret to how to create content that drives those customers to their virtual door - the key to making sure each piece of content is strategic and delivers results for the long term.

3. distribution path

Consumers aren't looking for your participants - they have to get in front of them. In this session, they'll learn how to find the right channels to be on to break through the noise.

Target Audience

The session is perfect for user conferences, health tech and digital health groups and associations, entrepreneurship summits, or channel partner events, and is always customized to fit your needs. 

Key Takeaways

  • Finally create content for the people who really need you, who depend on your technology...and who are excited to buy
  • Turn dead content sitting in your content graveyard into an engine that drives ROI
  • Break your message through the noise to mass user adoption

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