What Are Some Innovative Ways To Market A Health Tech Brand

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Are you tired of marketing ideas that feel like copy/paste strategies?

It’s easy to think that health care structures limit you to only a few marketing approaches. What I’ve learned, however, is that a little creative juice can go a long way in cutting through the noise and establishing relationships with your target audience.

So if you feel like you’ve been in a marketing rut, here are some innovative ways to re-energize your inbound marketing.

Custom tech strategies

More and more, AI is starting to link online data to in-person experiences. Take IBM and retail, for instance. They’ve started to personalize the shopping experience by using previous user searches and social media interaction to help shoppers find the right products for them.

In their preliminary experiments with a cognitive retail app, the click-to-buy rate jumped from 2-5% to 11%. What they’re finding is that AI can help people find what they need or want with fewer steps and less thinking.

The point is this: tech advancements in fields like the retail industry open up a whole new world of marketing for digital health enterprises - options that can set you apart in your niche and drive more inbound leads.

What this looks like in health tech

In a recent podcast interview with Waleed Nasir, we delved into this topic even more. Waleed helps companies (including those in health tech) develop creative tech strategies that merge in-person experiences with tech encounters.

Applied in health care this could mean engaging your audience with marketing that synthesizes online patient or clinician data with in-person needs. This may mean you need to think outside of the box to create engaging digital health marketing strategies.

But according to Waleed, all the effort is worth it because “creative marketing empowered by technology has no bounds.”

Use data rather than discarding it

Tech companies gather tons of data, but, oddly enough, they don’t often use this information to help them gain credibility.

Dusty Schroeder of VitalWare recently mentioned to me that if health tech companies were to use this data, they could become a tremendous asset to their industry. For instance, tech startups could use analytics to become thought leaders who update their customers on important industry data.

By creating industry reports backed up by statistics, health tech companies set themselves up as reliable industry leaders. The result? Tech companies can gain hard-to-come-by trust and credibility from peers and their target audience.

Speak to your audience with unconventional content marketing

It’s easy for health tech marketing to come off as impersonal and distant. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

According to Andrew Hanelly, one of the easiest ways to help your audience connect personally is through editorial content - a powerful sub-category of content marketing. The goal is to create a storyline or set of experiences that your potential buyer can easily relate to.

What this does is give your audience a taste of the promised land you offer them. By putting them into the storyline as the hero, you can develop interest while building a relationship.

Nurture partnerships that help you reach more people

Several thought leaders I’ve talked with have mentioned partnerships as very important aspects in healthcare marketing.

Influencer marketing in health tech

If you’re in the business of solving health care woes, chances are that there are already communities of patients committed to improving the very issue you’re investing in.

Jani Tuomi is one person who has leveraged customer influencers to build relationships and find the right people for his product. When helping imaware reach more people with their at-home test kits, he discovered communities dedicated to helping people manage the diseases imaware helps diagnose.

By connecting with the most influential people in these groups, he radically expanded imaware’s reach while gaining credibility through trusted spokespeople.

International connections for expansion

If you’re looking to expand beyond your geographic area, partnerships are important for your success. They can help you understand the culture of a new market while giving you credibility in unfamiliar settings.

Andrew Turley shared on Mission Marketing that startups need international partnerships to help them launch in a new market. These partnerships may help you bypass some of the growing pains that typically accompany entering a new market. As a result, you can more quickly reach your audience and grow new relationships.

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