What Are Some Distribution Channels For My Content?

content distribution channels

Great content needs to be seen. Otherwise, your content will never actually get you results. That’s why a distribution strategy can potentially make or break your content.

In health tech, your audience is likely specialized, meaning that sometimes we need to use different channels than other industries might use. Take the fashion industry, for example. Brands use consumer channels like TV ads and Instagram because that’s where their audience is.

It’s the same for health tech. You need to be actively distributing content on the channels that are saturated with our target audience. So what are the best means of spreading digital health content?


LinkedIn may be one of the most underestimated social media platforms, and the reason for that is simple - it doesn’t operate like most other distribution channels. For example, its algorithms reward different strategies than Facebook or Twitter typically do. But for B2B companies LinkedIn is an amazing megaphone to reach your customers.

How teams can expand your audience

A little teamwork goes a long way on LinkedIn. Internal team members can actively engage with each other’s and the company’s LinkedIn posts to organically promote the content. Some LinkedIn experts say that a post needs about 25 engagements within an hour to trigger LinkedIn’s algorithm.

When your post gains traction with comments and likes, your first degree contacts will see it. This is when things start to get really awesome. Once your content gets enough interaction, the first degree contacts of EVERYONE who commented will start seeing your post, meaning you’re reaching people you couldn’t have reached before.

How titles can boost your content rankings

Next you need to consider other options for publishing content on LinkedIn. In particular, I want to talk about syndicated content.

When used in conjunction with your health tech marketing strategy, syndicating your content on LinkedIn or other sites has the potential to boost your SEO rankings.

Google’s algorithms recognize syndicated content. This can work for you or against you. If overused, Google will blacklist your syndicate content as spammy. When done right, however, it can have the opposite effect.

What does this mean for you? Syndicated content posted on LinkedIn opens your website up to more traffic, not less. Since Google would always prefer to push traffic to the original post regardless of how popular it becomes on LinkedIn, they’ll typically drive searchers to your website.

Syndicate content is also a great opportunity to build brand awareness. Publishing your content on LinkedIn articles has the potential to draw greater attention to your content on LinkedIn. This can boost views and draw more interaction from your target audience.

How Follower Ads can hone your audience

LinkedIn has a unique way to increase followers so that your content gets more attention. As part of their marketing platform, they’ve created Follower Ads. These ads are geared to build brand awareness by encouraging your target audience to follow you.

In addition, Follower Ads allow for an extra level of personalization. LinkedIn draws from each user’s profile data to create a unique ad experience for each viewer.

The strength of this approach is that you can reach diverse audience members. Because you can target your ads to incredibly specific audiences, you can reach the exact right people and the exact right companies.


The people who are most likely to buy are the people you already know. That’s why content distribution via email is such a powerful tool.

Your digital health marketing can continue to engage subscribers through drip campaigns. In these emails, express an understanding of buyers’ problems and provide valuable, helpful content.

Industry content via newsletters can also help your target audience stay in the know while maintaining personal connection with them.

In addition, you can keep current customers aware of new tech features or updates that can make their jobs easier. Promote top tips and advice for users to keep them engaged and using your tech to its fullest potential.

Industry publications and communities

Connecting to the right people is the key to successful content distribution. For this reason, it’s important to interact relationally within your industry. Letting people see your human side by commenting, sharing, and engaging with other thought leaders can go a long way in enhancing your content distribution.

Beyond engaging with other thought leaders, you can also write guest posts for industry publications. This does take more time and thought for content creation, and the audience of these publications may be small. But you’ll be reaching the right people who need to know about your health tech solutions.

Don’t forget to just be human

In all of your content distribution, it’s important to remember that it isn’t just about making a sale. Be human, care about people, and give back to those in your field. Content creation and distribution give you a chance to add value to the industry and express concern for the common good.

In the end, you might be pleasantly surprised by how many sales can develop out of these “giving back” relationships.

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