How to Write a Health Tech Marketing Ebook That Drives Leads

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Have you ever tried to run a lead campaign but found out there was no demand for your content offer (ebook, checklist, video series, etc)?

**Sheepishly raises hand**

While there’s plenty that goes into driving leads, and you can have the best content offer or lead magnet in the world but nobody downloads it, far too many campaigns are built around content offers that...excuse my French...suck.

What’s worse, if you have successfully generated demand for your resource, and prospects download it only to find it’s not helpful or relevant to them, you’re going to lose their trust and they’ll go to one of your competitors who has a great lead gen campaign + quality content.

That lost lead is a lost sale which is lost dollars in your bank account. Here’s how to get started in creating an ebook that delivers real results.

Listen to your customer

If you do absolutely nothing else, you must do this - listen to your buyer. It’s a skill for life, and it’s a skill for business. Intentionally talk to your customers, not for what you can get, but so you can help solve the problems they really care about.

As you listen, you’ll begin to discover (in their own words) what they really need from you. Need some help getting started? Look no further.


Let’s start at the very base level. You simply must talk with customers. They’re really not that different from you. They have concerns, challenges, and needs that must be met. For many of these buyers, you may be the answer... they just don’t know it yet.

You also may discover along the way that they don’t need what you thought they needed. And that’s ok. Creating solid messages that connect to your target audience is a learning process. Take what you learn from them, and turn it into ebook content that meets their needs.


Surveys are one way you can let prospective buyers give you their honest opinions. And while you may initially balk at some input, you may find that there’s truth in what they have to say.

Take these surveys, analyze the results, and allow this information to guide your ebook creation. Here are some things to look for:

  • Are there any common themes from customers?

  • Do you keep hearing the same words or phrases?

Repeated phrases and wording is a good clue to the real values of your customers. Use this data to create ebook wording that connects with customers. Why will it connect? Because they’re the ones who said it in the first place.

Talk to sales

Not all customer input has to come from external sources. You have a valuable commodity within your organization that can give you the customer pulse. I’m talking, of course, about your sales department.

Sales can have strong opinions, but they’re often right. This is because they’re literally talking with your target audience EVERY DAY. So sift through their insights and use them to create an ebook with messaging that cuts straight through to your customer’s real problem.

Google searches

Do you know what Google searches your target audience conducts in relation to the services you offer? If not, you’re missing some valuable insight about what really matters to buyers.

Evaluate the most common searches related to your product or services. Then hone your lead magnet to solve those frequent problems your buyers encounter.

Website content

Sometimes your own website can give you insight into your customers. As you analyze your site, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do people tend to read the most on our website?

  • Do we have blog content that gets regular hits?

  • Are they frequenting a specific page?

If any of these are true, the good news is that you may not even need to create new content. It may be that you need to highlight this evergreen content in your ebook or lead magnet.

Trial and error

A little creativity can go a long way. If you’re new to your market, it’s better to try something new than to never try anything at all. The key is to keep an eye on these tests to know if they’re really working.

If your experiment works, you know to carry on. If it doesn’t, you know when to stop. This is why you need to constantly be evaluating creative strategies.

Some people might say the answer is to avoid creative marketing ideas and customer connection, but the reality is that the movers and shakers in most industries are innovators. They look beyond what everyone else is doing and try new ideas.

So in brainstorming ebook content, don’t be afraid to try fresh ideas. Just be aware that you’ll need to manage creative ideas more than other tried and true approaches to make sure it’s actually working.

Create helpful content

Once you understand your customers’ pulse, it’s time to create great content. I’m not talking about content that features your company as the hero. I’m talking about useful knowledge that benefits your prospects.

All of this content should be guided by and informed by what your target audience SAID they care about. If you need more help creating great content, check out the article I wrote on this topic.

Use graphics

In the ebook you create, make it easy for your customers to understand you. The clearer your messaging, the more likely they are to continue with you.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Use this to your advantage by creating visuals that make it clear how you can help your buyer get to their promised land.

Make it actionable

Boatloads of information with no application is virtually useless to your buyer. Whatever you do in this ebook, you MUST give them steps they can do in the next couple days to see change.

I’m talking a 1,2,3 approach that will leave them better than when they came. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What one thing could my audience do to spark change?

  • How can I break this down into a simple checklist?

  • What resources could I direct them to?

Remember, this is not about you. This is about helping others become successful, and in the process you’re building trust and relationships.

Build the right campaign

After you’ve created a stellar ebook, it’s time to promote it. You need a very intentional strategy that moves your audience from passivity to action.

Want to learn how to move more people to action with your ebook?

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