How Health Tech Can Drive More Leads And Close More Deals

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We all know healthcare needs to change in 2019.

Skyrocketing medical bills, unaffordable insurance premiums, far too much stress on the existing system, unsupportable pressure on clinicians, and poor patient outcomes in the US compared to other developed all know the drill.

It adds up to one big avalanche.

This is a call to the would-be disrupters among us.

You have a brilliant idea. You started a company based on this idea. After some initial traction, maybe a round or two of investments, you have a great product...but no one seems to care.

You’re struggling to get people to understand how game-changing your company is…

And you can’t seem to break through the noise of your competitors...and even non competitors who are still fighting for your customers’ short attention spans.

When you don’t get your message out, when you have to hustle and struggle for sales because you can’t articulate well the value of your product, your game changing company will sit on the sidelines…

And when you struggle, healthcare continues to struggle to provide the care patients need and the support clinicians can’t do their jobs without.

Healthcare needs you. Clinicians need you. Patients need you.

But if you don’t get your message out, you’ll never be able to help them.

What it looks like when you do get your message out

I want to paint a picture for you...a picture of a promised land where selling isn’t hard and customers flock to you because they see how much they need you.

This is the land where your message has broken through the noise. In the competition for limited attention spans, you’re so far ahead of the pack that there is no competition.

You speak and your leads listen...some of them may not buy for various reasons, but even if they don’t, you still trigger them to change and be better.

This is the place where instead of struggling to be a changemaker, you ARE a changemaker. Your mission and message is getting out to the people who need you and you are making a difference.

What is the path to this promised land?

An epic journey like this one isn’t without its share of toil, but there is a path you can follow to break through the noise.

The key? Know your customers.

They are your heroes. Everything you do in your marketing should be about them and for them. You need to take a deeper look at their lives, their work, the ins and outs of their day to understand their internal, external, and even philosophical problems (“I shouldn’t have to ____”).

You need to know how they will measure success - what will their transformation look like? How do they envision it? Write it down, brainstorm all of this with your team. A deep understanding of your customer will give your company clarity in how you can better help them.

The vehicle that drives your customers to you

Your ability to understand their problems, what they need to be successful, and how they want to be transformed will enable you to communicate in a compelling way just how you do that.

If you don’t understand each aspect of their journey, you’ll leave them confused and struggling to see the value you provide.

You need to be able to articulate clearly who you help, how you solve their problems, and how you make them successful.

It’s easy to want to get artsy and creative in your messaging, but too often clever phrases mask the true value you provide...and leave your customers in the dark about how you can help.

Instead of having the coolest copy among your competition, focus on a statement that clearly and succinctly states exactly what you do.

You can take this message and turn it into content that amplifies your value, offers ongoing advice and help to your leads...whether they buy from you or not...and sets you up as the authority and thought leader in your space.

Instead of hustling to find customers, this helpful content will drive customers to your virtual door and end the hard, cold selling you’re used to.

What keeps your content running? Distribution, distribution, distribution.

Just like no car can run without gas, your content and messaging needs fuel. This is where your distribution strategy comes into play.

You can create all the great content in the world - creative videos, informative blog posts, thorough white papers...but if you never put it in front of your audience, they will never see it.

Here’s the problem - your customers are busy. They are overwhelmed with stressors in their jobs and home lives. They get bombarded with thousands of messages a day, not only from your competitors but also from other people peddling their wares, not to mention news, social media, and entertainment.

To truly become their guide and help them in their journey, you need to hand your content to them on a silver platter.

Make it easy for them to find you. Put your content on the channels they frequent, build relationships with people they respect who can recommend your products, get on podcasts they listen to, publications they read.

Strategic distribution is not about being everywhere. It’s about being everywhere your customer is.

It’s work, but it’s not endless hustling

When you follow this roadmap for your health tech company’s marketing, you still have to work hard. But instead of an endless hamster wheel of hustling and getting nowhere, knowing your customer, creating a clear and compelling message and content, and strategically distributing your content will break your mission through the noise and drive your customers to your virtual door.

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