8 Healthcare Podcasts You Need To Listen To

best healthcare podcasts

When the Mission Maven Podcast started, I had no idea what a valuable resource it would become for our team and others in health tech marketing.

More than ever before, I’m convinced that podcasts are one of our generations’ greatest learning tools. And because of that, I believe they’re a powerful way to spark change within healthcare.

That’s why we’re putting an emphasis on the top 8 healthcare podcasts every marketer should be listening to.

The Business of Healthcare

The Business of Healthcare is based out of the University of Texas in Dallas. Dr. Bob Kaiser, the director of the Master’s Program for Healthcare Leadership and Management, hosts the show, seeking to help people understand the pressures and regulations shaping the US health system.

Guest interviews give an inside look into the cogs that really move the healthcare machine such as consumerism, quality incentives, physician shortages, government regulations, and more.

All of this perspective can help you grasp the business challenges facing many within healthcare. As a result, you can better hone your messaging to meet their pain points and build brand awareness.

The Future of Health

If there’s anything we’re all wondering about healthcare, it’s this - where are we going, and how are we going to get there? And that’s why this podcast exists - to educate and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals.

As I’ve listened to this podcast, I’ve learned a lot from those who are active within healthcare, whether that be the technology side of things or the clinical side. It’s broadened my vision enabling me to clearly understand what hinders the future of US healthcare.

For any marketer within the health tech space, this type of perspective is invaluable for connecting and relating with your target market.

One thing I’ve loved is the wide range of topics they cover. For instance, they’ve brought in experts on mental health who are innovating new treatments. Plus, they’ve put a focus on women entrepreneurs who are challenging the existing state of affairs.

Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room

Looking for some humor mixed in with years of medical experience? Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room has just that. As a former hospital CEO and current faculty member at the University of Southern California, Dr. Luke speaks from a wealth of knowledge.

Though the podcast just launched in May of this year, he’s no stranger to the problems facing healthcare delivery and has himself written several best selling books on the topic. If you as a marketer want to get an inside look into healthcare affordability, this is the podcast for you.

Fixing Healthcare

Healthcare as we know it needs to be disrupted, and the hosts of Fixing Healthcare are dedicated to spotlighting the people who are challenging the status quo.

From insurance reform to unifying healthcare, this show won’t let you be satisfied with pat answers. As a result, you’ll gain valuable insight into the ways medicine could change, along the way inspiring you to be the change.

Since marketing is the face and voice of many digital health innovations, we marketers need this kind of big-picture view to verbalize and redefine what’s capable within healthcare.

Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare IT Today is dedicated to keeping people like you and I in the know about healthcare developments. To do this, they leverage various mediums, generating content such as interactive chats, blogs, and, you guessed it, podcast episodes.

I love that this platform is dedicated to getting us all talking about what could change within healthcare. Because, in reality, the solution to healthcare woes isn’t going to come from one person - it’s going to come from us all.

The host of the podcast, John Lynn, breaks down massive topics within healthcare such as value-based care, patient engagement, and medical records. I can practically guarantee that every topic will teach you something you didn’t know, inevitably impacting your marketing strategy for the better.

TED Talks Health Podcast

You can’t talk about forward-looking ideas without coming across TED Talks. On their health podcast, they focus on new discoveries and breakthroughs being made in medicine.

What I enjoy about this platform is that it generates a broad range of topics. Plus, the presenters come from such diverse backgrounds with some specializing in fields such as long term caregiving, social health, prenatal care, or cancer research (to name a few).

This podcast lets you hear from a wide range of expertise, solid research, and exceptional advice that you might not otherwise know. Because of this, you’ll have more creative juice to fuel unconventional marketing strategies.

Plus, TED Talks are driven by the power of ideas. So where else could those of us in health tech marketing learn more about inspiring change through digital content?

Digital Health Today

As marketers within health tech, we carry a very important role - the ability to influence people through strategic messaging and media. That’s not something to take lightly. So here’s another podcast series to put in your arsenal - Digital Health Today.

If you’re wanting to get the pulse of the health tech industry, this is the podcast for you. From AI and telehealth to behavioral science and data analytics, Dan Kendell, the host, takes listeners on a journey, connecting you to the stories of other health innovators.

In addition, because Dan was involved in health tech development across the globe, he’s able to give listeners a big picture of global health, broadening your scope beyond the US borders.

Impossible Healthcare

Recently, I was introduced to Impossible Healthcare through an interview with Dave Albert (founder of AliveCor).

The hosts, Dr. Sameer Berry and Dr. Michael Albert, serve in clinical environments and have a passion to help everyone see (from the inside out) the frustrations and advancements that are happening in healthcare.

They welcome guests such as the FDA Commissioner and the chair of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic to speak about topics everyone in healthcare needs to know. The interviewees on the show represent the perspectives and regulations shaping medicine right now, making this podcast a must-listen for anyone communicating within the health tech space.

Bonus: Mission Marketing

Obviously I can’t end this without putting a plug in for our podcast, Mission Marketing. I host the show and interview marketing experts, startup experts, and digital health and health care experts. I learn brilliant ideas in every episode, and I hope come listen as well. You can listen on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher. If you like the show, please subscribe, leave us a review and share with your friends!

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