5 Health Tech Marketing Techniques to Engage New Customers

Health Tech Marketing Techniques

You’ve developed life-saving technology that could revolutionize healthcare, but the people who need to know about it… don’t. So what are your next steps? How do you get the word out to new customers - the ones who really need your help?

Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned veteran in health tech marketing, here are some tips to boost your inbound marketing and drive more leads.

Focus on creating pillar marketing content

As I’ve said before, to get on the radar of your target audience’s you need to be creating content that matters to them. And that’s what pillar content does.


Pillar content covers core topics that your customers care about the most. These content clusters can then be broken down into different blog posts or videos that answer specific questions or problems related to the topic.

What happens when you create content like this? You immediately create customer centric material. It revolves around them and their pain points, enabling them to be the hero in their own story.

But beyond that, it also builds your SEO. A pillar page that receives lots of hits can improve the ranking of all the pages connected to it.

As your ranking increases, so does your credibility. So the more pillar content you create, the more you become an authority on the topic at hand.

Building trust and establishing relationships is no small feat. But pillar content by its very nature, builds a platform for customer confidence that can last long term.

If you need extra help learning how to build pillar content, download my content tree template and worksheet. It’ll walk you through several helpful steps for creating solid content that generates leads.

Create editorial style content

I can’t take full credit for this one. Andrew Hanelly joined me on the Mission Maven Podcast and shared all the ins and outs of editorial content. It’s a fascinating approach that builds customer trust and loyalty. Give that episode a listen.

This approach to digital health marketing puts faces and experiences behind the products and services offered. It helps your inbound strategy go from salesy to helpful and interesting.

There are plenty of editorial content creators out there. Pop culture, for instance, uses it on a regular basis to connect with consumers and relate in personable ways.

I personally think editorial could really change the playing field for healthcare organizations and let customers and patients see the personal side behind institutions.

In particular, I’m referencing instances of phenomenal marketing such as Northwell Health which Andrew talks about in our interview. They’ve strategically leveraged editorial to connect with patients, calm anxiety, and keep users informed.

Editorial Style Content

Build your brand on multiple distribution channels

Media is more than just entertainment these days. Now it’s a way to learn, educate, connect, and network. For you as a health tech startup, distribution channels are a prime way to build your customer base.

Social media

Let’s start on the ground level. Do you know what platforms your target audience typically uses? For instance, if they tend to educate themselves and network through Twitter or LinkedIn, then you need to be present there.

This doesn’t mean you need to create new content. Rather, you should reuse your evergreen material on these platforms. Posting your pillar content on these distribution channels allows you to not only help your target audience but also network with them as well.


Even if they never open your emails, mailing lists still build brand awareness. At the very least, potential customers see your name on a regular basis and will remember you. Then when they need help, you’ll be the one they think of.

Paid advertising

Paid marketing is an important part of any robust marketing strategy.

It gives you the unique opportunity to pinpoint your audience by criteria such as job description, gender, employment, etc. Beyond that, you can reach different people than you might be reaching with your content marketing.


Always a hot topic in online marketing, SEO is like an aunt who’s always changing her hair color. What I mean is that search engines tend to change their criteria along with the search trends of the era.

But SEO still matters. You can get noticed through Google or Bing searches. Plus, if you use keywords correctly, you can elevate yourself to the top 3 in searches. All of this is valuable for drawing new customers into your lead funnel.

Featured Snippets

Don’t neglect person-to-person

There’s no substitute for in-person interaction. But with so many tech-driven ways to draw new customers into your funnel, sometimes we forget that P2P outreach still works.

For instance, one of your marketing initiatives could be to create opportunities to connect with your target audience in person. One practical way to do this is to attend conferences with the purpose of interacting with buyers face-to-face.

Be open to new ideas

In my experience with HIT marketing, I’ve noticed a trend. Founders or marketing directors are often hesitant to try new strategies.

On the flip side, sometimes it’s not the founder who avoids new ideas. Sometimes there are simply too many voices speaking into a marketing campaign and nothing new gets done.

What this means is that companies in these scenarios use the same strategies their competitors are using. And while it isn’t a bad idea to use the same tried and true content marketing ideas, if you want to set yourself apart, you need to try ideas very few people in your field have tried yet.

What health tech marketing techniques work for you? Please share in the comments!

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