5 Examples of Great Health Tech Content Marketing


If you’re like me, you either ARE someone or KNOW someone whose life has been forever changed through the innovations in health tech. We can’t escape it; HIT is making a difference in people’s lives nearly every day.

Despite the progress, though, there are still so many tech innovations that aren’t getting the credit or attention they deserve. That’s why healthcare marketing matters. It gets your name out there so you can be the change you want to be.

The last few years have shown our Mission Maven team how tech solutions paired with mission driven marketing can get innovations into the hands of prospective patients and healthcare organizations.

So let’s take a minute to observe those who are using marketing to be the change in HIT. These organizations are focused on more than inbound leads; they’re using their marketing to improve digital health, changing our world for the better.

Insurance for the people

Oscar is an organization that’s making private insurance more accessible using reimbursement incentives to help people make healthy lifestyle choices and defray the cost of insurance.

Consumer-focused content

Beyond all this, their marketing builds brand awareness while simultaneously educating and assisting patients. For instance, a recent post gives patients a checklist for applying for Open Enrollment insurance policies.

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Whether this is the first time, second time, or millionth time enrolling, the process can be frustrating. So Oscar has broken the application down into a feasible checklist, making sure patients are prepared to enroll. Then, if patients don’t qualify for Open Enrollment, Oscar offers to help patients find affordable insurance with one of their plans.

This is just one example of consumer-focused content that’s serving patients while building awareness. All this creates a bond between consumers and Oscar - one that results in brand loyalty for the long run.


Also, unique to their strategy is their mission statement. They proclaim it loud and clear for all consumers to hear. To do this, they use introductory content that sums up their manifesto in a way that matters to patients.

If you spend any time on their website, you’ll realize that Oscar doesn’t simply exist for themselves. They exist for the healthcare consumer, giving them a better chance at living a healthy life.

And that’s what good health tech marketing is all about… the consumer.

Content for the people

If you’ve been keeping up with the Mission Maven Podcast, you know of Josh Golden who specializes in paid marketing. The company he works with, WebPT, has created a solid base of consumer-centric content helping physical therapists to be the best they can be.

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They offer marketing tips for promoting PT clinics - everything from building SEO to creating brand loyalty. In addition, they help clinics stay in the know about legal issues, helping them stay in business for the long run.

All this content serves potential buyers and ultimately drives them back to WebPT’s paid services. By giving free resources to customers, their content marketing is building trust and loyalty.

Videos for the people

Financial burdens and insurance difficulties are plaguing modern healthcare. Amino has recognized that problem and provides services that help companies stay in the know about healthcare options for employees.

Their video blog helps people understand corporate health care costs in around 60 seconds or less. They educate businesses on how to direct employees to more cost effective options without sacrificing quality.

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For instance, one video informs users about less expensive options for X-rays and MRIs. Hospitals, in general, are the more expensive option, while independent imaging organizations save a lot more money.

This is just one example of how Amino helps businesses understand the ins and outs of healthcare so they can use their money in the smartest ways possible. Then businesses can help incentivize patients towards cost effective options.

Podcast for the People

Honor, the healthcare organization that focuses on home care, is serving customers in another innovative way. They’re marketing by bringing in experts and thought leaders from around the globe to inform home care practices.

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Healthcare organizations and family members are then able to implement better home care for older patients. All this serves to advance Honor’s mission to provide better, more convenient care for people as they age.

Their podcast not only advances their mission, but also builds trust and drives more patients toward their care services. Family members feel safe entrusting their grandparents and loved ones into Honor’s care system that enables heart monitoring, 24/7 communication, and reliable Care Pros.

Pillars for the People

Athena Health is breaking down population health with a new paradigm. They’re using their marketing pillars to address the chronic illness crisis and help health organizations. Their interactive website informs, engages, and directs users to a new mindset for the future of healthcare.

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In addition, they’re taking an untraditional approach to healthcare by investing in a brand partnership with The Atlantic. Rather than start from scratch with a content platform, they’re partnering with an established media brand, borrowing credibility and establishing new connections along the way.

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