6 Awesome Kinds Of Health Tech Content That Will Reach Customers

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Check out the blogs of most health tech startups...or even established health tech companies...and if they have a blog, often you'll find content focused on the amount of venture capital they've raised, events they've attended, or the new CMO they just hired.

This drives me crazy because they've spent money and time and employee resources on this content, and it's not doing a thing for them. Their customers DO NOT want to hear about how much money they have. They think, "why should I buy from them? They're loaded." And when they read about the new CMO they just hired, lots of them are going to think "what's a CMO??" They just don't care.

You know what you often WON'T find? Content directed at the customer, that solves their problems, and gives them a reason to buy.

While there are health tech companies that do get content right, more often than not they get it wrong, and that's not okay because they have to get their message out to the people who depend on their technology. More than in any other industry, they owe it to their end users to break through the noise.

If you can't tell, this really frustrates me, because when these companies have a blog and are making an effort to update it regularly, it's clear to me that they have been told that content is one of the best ways to drive inbound leads. But the kind of content they're putting on their blog? It's not going to do a thing for them...or the people who need their tech most. 

If you take a look back at your blog, and you realize that I've just described your content, you aren't alone, and there are some really simple types of content you can start creating today to reach your customers.

1. Content that focuses on the customer

First up, you have to get your focus off of you and your company. Your customers don't care about your newest C-level hire or how much money you've raised.

In fact, if you're constantly sharing updates about your funding, that's going to turn them off instead of draw them to you. I mean, do you stick around people who are always talking about how much money they have?? I didn't think so.

When companies share how much capital they've raised, it's the equivalent of someone bragging about how loaded their wallet is. Your customers are going to think, "Well clearly they don't need me because they've got tons of money, so see ya."

Stop thinking about you. Stop creating content that's all about you. Go back to the customer - what do they need to hear? What do they need to read? What do they want to read? What kinds of content will drive them to your virtual door?

2. Content that solves problems

Once you've started focusing on your customer, you can create content that solves their problems. Not saying you have to solve ALL their problems...however you want to offer solutions related to your technology.

A client of mine did this really well. They had a wearable for heart patients to monitor their heart health. Because a cardiac problem can limit a person's freedom, especially for older patients, my client's content focused on how they could get that freedom back - how to live a full life even with heart disease.

When you provide your customers with solutions - when you show you understand their problems, you give them hope, and that kind of hope will turn them into champions of your technology. You help them solve their problems, and they'll want to share with all their friends because they believe you can help others they know as well.

3. Content that is focused on your message

What I often see happen is health tech companies will start off right - they have fresh ideas related to their mission, but eventually those ideas run out until they're just publishing content to try to keep a regular posting schedule, even if it's unrelated to their mission. 

This is where they start to get away from their customer again and their message - they may revert back to publishing about their funding or new hires, or they may go totally crazy and start publishing about their dog or what they ate for breakfast.

No one - least of all your customers, the people who depend on your tech - care how cute your dog is or if you had bacon and avocado toast this morning.

Just a couple of blog posts that miss the mark and you're going to lose the attention of your ideal customer. If your content isn't for them, they're going to stop engaging with what you put out and move on to someone who can stay on target.

Go back to your core message - start breaking it down into subtopics (you should be able to get at least three subtopics from your core message) and break those into subtopics. When I go through this exercise with clients, typically we end up with around two to three years' worth of content that is all focused on and aligned with their message.

4. Content that gets customers behind something bigger than themselves

One of the basic traits of human nature is that we love to help others. We love to give advice, to offer someone a solution, to lend a helping hand. It makes us feel good, like we can make a difference in the world.

Your content can help your customers help others. If your content is useful to them, ask them to share it with someone else who might need it. 

Use your content to show how your product is helping others - tell the stories of people you've already helped along the way. These stories first of all give you credibility that you are the real deal, you know what you're doing, and you're on a mission to change lives...and you already have changed lives.

Secondly, they involve your customers in a larger movement - they're part of something bigger, a family of users who have adopted your technology and who are seeing their lives or their jobs improve because of you.

5. Content that inspires purchasing behavior

Give your customers a reason to buy. You don't have to be salesy or sleezy to get people to buy from you. Instead of telling them how awesome you are, you SHOW them. Tell the stories of other customers whose lives were changed when they adopted your tech. 

Show them their problems - problems they may not even know they have - and how you solve them. Show them what life will be like after they adopt your tech; give them a snapshot of how their days will improve.

Then, use each piece of content to drive to your core content to generate leads. Offer them something for free, a helpful resources that they can use right now. Being helpful, showing you know how to solve their problems, and giving to them will go much farther than a sales pitch.

6. Evergreen content

This last one is a biggie - it's the secret that drives customers to you for years to come. Evergreen content, content as relevant today as it will be 10 years from now, is how you get more results with less work. When you take the first five types of content and make them evergreen, you'll get long tail returns from your content for years to come.

Unlike online ads that only get new users for as long as you pay for them, once you've created a bank of evergreen content, it will drive customers to your door for the long term.

What's more - you can create more than one piece of content from each evergreen topic. One topic can be turned into a blog post, a customer story, an infographic, a video, a podcast, a guest post...and the list goes on and on.

Do you see how creating the right kinds of content delivers customers to your virtual door?

Just a couple things before you leave - first, if this article was helpful to you, will you share it with a friend in health tech you think will benefit? 

And second - do you have any types of content to add to this list? If so, please share in the comments! I promise to read and respond to every single one. 


Whitney is a consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help life-saving, life-changing technology break through the noise and achieve mass user adoption. Learn more about her here.


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