Break Through The Noise

Drive your lifesaving technology to mass adoption.

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Your mission matters.

Get it out to the people who need you most.


Know your customer

Understand your customer and understand what drives them to buy.


Create your message

Craft a clear message that turns customers into brand champions.

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Break through the noise

Create content and marketing campaigns that spread like wildfire.

Do you struggle to get your message out?

  • Does it seem like no one is listening?

  • Does your content never get read?

  • Ready to give up on marketing because it doesn’t work?

  • Is it hard to generate inbound leads?

  • Is your growth flatlining?

  • Is your website bounce rate through the roof?

The Mission Maven process works for B2B and B2C digital health and health tech companies.

  • EMR and EHR

  • mHealth

  • Digital therapeutics

  • Emergency medicine tech

  • Digital care management solutions

  • Health insurance tech

  • HIT

  • Medical software

  • Digital health clinics

  • Consumer medical devices

  • Digital preventative medicine and wellness technology

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What makes The Mission Maven different?

When it comes to marketing and selling digital health products, many companies struggle to create messaging that delivers value to the exact right customers. Whitney helps health tech startups and enterprises know their customers including how those customers think, feel, and make choices. With that information, we can craft a message that solves their problem and turns them into champions of your tech. We’ll bake that message into your website copy, your marketing campaigns, and every single piece of sales and marketing content you create to drive your product to mass adoption.

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Ready to heal your marketing?

  • Discover exactly who your customer is

  • Unlock the secret that drives them to buy

  • Craft the brand message that turns them into champions of your tech

Get The Ultimate Digital Health Guide to Customer Avatars and Brand Messaging Today!

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Want to work with Whitney 1:1?

Here’s what you’ll get…

1. Your complete customer avatar and messaging guide

2. A full content tree + calendar, packed with evergreen customer-centric topics

3. The distribution path you need to put your content where your customers are



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